Struggling to find a characteristic approach to support and accelerate your digestion system, we have the ideal answer for you, just set up the following thrilling no calories included detox drink and relish its advantages.3

Apple-cinnamon water is very low in calories, just about 10 calories per cup. Disregard many sodas and other dietary beverages, let this apple-cinnamon water do its wonders in a week period of time. The outcomes you ought to expect are superb weight reduction and astounding vitality uprise.

Use a large container either earthenware, glass, or plastic and re-fill water 3-4 times before replacing pieces of apple and cinnamon.


  • Large container
  • Cold water
  • Ice
  • 1 apple thinly sliced (you can use any type of apples, however we suggest applying Fuji and Honey Crisp, as they are sweeter than other apple types)
  • 1 fresh cinnamon stick


Put the apple cuts on the base of the container (spare some to put in your glass later) next drop the cinnamon stick fill half of the container with ice and subsequently add water. Be aware that this delicious water has a slight of flavor, therefore if want it to taste stronger, make sure to include more apple cuts.

Before your meals drink one glass and keep in mind to store the apple-cinnamon water in the cooler, but not over 3 days.