In a stunning piece of real journalism that nails the story behind the story, former NBC Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Bob Arnot went on CNN to expose the truth behind the quackpot attacks against Doctor Oz. This is the truth that, almost without exception, every other mainstream media outlet intentionally and shamelessly buried over the last three days.

The video, viewable here on CNN.com, was aired at 11:30 Eastern Time today.

Its one of the most refreshingly honest pieces of video journalism Ive seen come out of CNN in a long time. Yes, Im critical of CNN most of the time, but when they accurately nail an important story like this, they deserve recognition for it! More importantly, Dr. Bob Arnot deserves kudos for being willing to take a stand for the truth about what he calls industry henchmen involved in astroturfing attacks on Oz.


Heres a partial transcript from the video: (bold emphasis added)

Dr. Bob Arnot: …the most interesting part of this is this letter. First of all, its not from the Columbia faculty. Its from ten physicians, all of whom have industry ties. And if you look carefully at the letter, what its really about is that the industry is furious that he has taken on genetically modified crops. So you basically have industry henchmen who are after Dr. Oz here. One of them in fact, head of the American Council on Science and Health, spent some time in federal prison for Medicaid fraud, so Id be very careful about who has written this letter.

Host: So perhaps youre saying the initial media coverage of this story it really came up on Friday, became bigger here over the weekend is being misleading, because its not addressing exactly who these physicians are.

Arnot: They do this kind of thing all the time; theyre called astroturf groups. That is, they appear to be grassroots groups representing real consumers, but in fact, they are the henchmen of industry here, and thats what youre looking at with this letter. The media often gets swept up by this, they say, this is a great story, they get swept up by it, they report it, but they dont look at who wrote that letter.


What Dr. Bob Arnot is explaining is almost word for word what we first published here on Natural News last Friday in an article entitled Vicious attack on Dr. Oz actually waged by biotech mafia; plot to destroy Oz launched after episode on glyphosate toxicity went viral.

That article went viral and we followed up with another article calling out the chronically lazy mainstream media for utterly failing to fact check the signers of the letter attacking Oz. As I wrote in this article, the attack was organized by a group thats a key operative of the so-called Monsanto Discredit Bureau. An entire bureau exists to do nothing but discredit every single person who calls for GMO labeling or discusses glyphosate toxicity.


Is CNN the first mainstream media outlet to report the TRUTH?

In the world of alternative media, Natural News was of course the first to report all this. But CNN appears to now be the first mainstream media outlet to cover this truth, beating out all the other lamestream media groups that primarily function as puppet news theater hoaxers parroting official sources and corporate propaganda.

The real truth in all this is that glyphosate causes cancer, GMOs are a crazy genetic experiment unleashed on our world, and the truth of all this is being systematically suppressed by the Monsanto Mafia running its heavily funded discredit campaign. Its about time CNN finally reported the beginning of the truth on all this.

No doubt theres a legitimate Pulitzer Prize in store for whoever uncovers all the details on the Monsanto Mafia. That is, if there are any journalists remaining who can remember what courage means… (Sharyl Attkisson, anyone?)

Must-read book: Altered Genes, Twisted Truth by Steven Drucker.