This wins the award for the best idea EVER! Seriously, this creative and fun way to clean your garbage disposal is pure brilliance thanks check out what she has to say about why she created this awesome recipe:

I adore my garbage disposal. Until about three years ago, I was putting raw garbage into old shopping bags, tying the handles and taking it out to the garage to put in our large waste bin. I couldnt stand having it in the garbage in the kitchen. Raw garbage stinks within hours (sometimes minutes), causing you to have to change garbage bags over and over.

When we got our disposal, everything changed. Everything became so much easier. I actually enjoyed peeling carrots and potatoes. Clean-up was a breeze. Then, a couple months later, I smelled something. I could actually smell this horrible odor when I opened up the doors under the sink. I could smell it through the pipes. That was the day I learned you needed to clean a disposal, too. I know, I know. Dumb, right? Growing up we never had a disposal. This was my first one. How was I to know?

Thankfully, Ive learned a thing or two since then, and now, I actually make my own freshener tablets to keep the stench away for good.

Learn How Here: Make your Own Garbage Disposal Tablets