GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organism. It means an organism a plant or an animal, which could not occur in nature. For thousands of years, farmers have selected the best plants and animals, and bred them for desirable characteristics size, vigor, taste and so on. This is good and natural. GMO is the preserve of scientists, creating in laboratories crossed between different species, even between animals and plants, by inserting the genes of one entity into another.

This results in things which were never intended by nature such as tomatoes crossed with fish.

Here are five reasons that you should avoid GMO food.

1. Many governments in the world have banned GMO foods, both growth and importation, or at the very least, insist on their being clearly labeled. This is because of serious concerns about health and environmental risks. Big Food and Big Pharma have effectively prevented the US government from taking similar measures due to the immense power of their lobby.

2. In animal experiments, rats fed on GMO foods began to show health issues after as little as ten days. Effects included structural damage to white blood cells the ones that protect you from infections decrease in organ size, increase in the number of cells in some organs which could indicate impending tumor growth in fact, a whole raft of worrying effects which lasted as long as 100 days after eating the food. And that, when translated to human time, would be ten years.

3. Increased use of pesticides. GMO crops are described as Roundup Ready . In other words, they are engineered so that they can be sprayed with the herbicide glyphosate without damage to the crop itself. GMO crops are sprayed with enormous amounts of herbicide in comparison to more naturally grown crops. (The same people who have developed most GMO foods, Monsanto, also make Roundup.) The pesticide residues easily get into the human body, in particular into fatty tissues, with great potential to cause damage to health.

4. Scientists have no idea of the long term effects of eating GMO foods. Interfering with DNA, which is complex and, at this moment in history, really very poorly understood, is interfering with the very stuff of life itself. We have no way of knowing what the long term effects of eating un-natural food substances will be.

5. GMO foods contaminate the environment forever. GMOs are like the evils in Pandoras box. Once they are released onto the earth, there is no way of controlling them. GMO pollen is carried on the wind, and crosses into non GMO crops. If we dont resist GMO foods now, we may not have the choice to do so in the future.

So whats next? Chocolate.

With the intention of flooding 70% of the global cocoa supply with genetically modified (GMO) cocoa tree hybrids, a collaboration involving Mars, USDA and IBM is accelerating this process.

With primary funding from US chocolate producer Mars, the partnership includes scientists based at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) of the US Department of Agriculture and Science as well as researchers working at IBMs Thomas J Watson Research Center.

The scientists are determined to finalize gene sequencing of the cocoa genome which they say will benefit the chocolate industry and cocoa growers in West Africa where 70 percent of the worlds cocoa is produced, and in other tropical zones.

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