I have terrible allergies and asthma which always leads to me getting sick. I actually went to the allergist recently to find out what I was allergic to and they told me if there was a prize for being the most allergic I would win. Sad right? You may remember a post I did a little while back about a natural allergy relief drink. Well this one is very similar but has another added benefit, elderberries. My friend Jordan from LilyWhite. designs told me about elderberries. A lady from her church told her about how her daughter had bronchitis and doctors kept giving her prescriptions and they werent working so she tried this concoction and it went away.

dried elderberries
local or raw honey (I chose local to get the allergy relief benefits)
Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Click here for Complete recipe and Directions: Natural Remedy for Allergies, Flu, Asthma, and Other Illnesses